Join us for episode 9, as we discuss Rainbow Brite's 30th Anniversary Art Show and the Return of Rainbow Brite!

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Renee Stowe, Katy Cartee Haile

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Brite Cast : The Rainbow Brite Podcast
Episode 9: Rainbow Brite Returns?


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This very special episode of Brite Cast covers a lot of news!


The Brite Cast Website:
Rainbow Brite PJ's and Tees at Walmarts in Mexico
Rainbow Brite Mini Back Pack via PowerUp Rewards from Game Stop
Rainbow Brite Theme in Arabic Translation by Armanga of Youtube (A Brite Cast fan)


The Rainbow Brite 30th Anniversary Art Show at Hallmark Headquarters
Emily Osment is the NEW voice of Rainbow Brite. Emily posts title script of NEW Rainbow Brite Script for new show! 

Rainbow Brite Mystery Solved: the Kid from the British DVD sets is the Kideo TV Kid (Thanks to N Sands of Youtube)

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